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We’ve Got Your Short -Term Loan 

High loans, for which tens to hundreds of thousands of loans are borrowed, are generally long-term – most people spread a high loan over a longer period of time, which can sometimes take up to eight years. In recent years, however, there has been an increasing number of applications for short-term loans, which are not repaid in the form of monthly installments but are fast and small loans, which are most often paid in one installment.

Short-term loans are primarily the domain of non-banking companies, like our company so learn more about us at Over the past ten years, a large number of new providers have emerged in our country, and the way we negotiate loans has gone through a significant change. While previously loans were mainly dealt with at branches, today’s short-term loans are overwhelmingly handled over the Internet. They are so easily accessible and you can submit a request whenever you like, regardless of the company’s operating hours. One of the most popular is a short-term quick loan for 30 days.

Short-term non-bank online loans are not only convenient, but their important feature is speed. The assessment of the application is often resolved within a few minutes and the same applies to the payment of the money – in the optimum case you can have the money in the account within a few minutes, usually within one hour. Of course, it depends on more circumstances, for example, which bank do you have an account with, whether you are applying for a day or night, etc. Generally, however, a short-term loan negotiated over the internet is one of the fastest ways to borrow money.

Advantages of short-term loans

  • the application can be submitted at any time, the system is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • immediate assessment of the application – you will immediately know whether the loan has been approved for you
  • very fast payment of money to your bank account
  • The loan is also suitable for the unemployed, students or those who have a registry entry
  • you do not need to fill in lengthy forms, document receipts or drive to the bank

Disadvantages of short-term loans

  • it is only a small amount, the loan is useful when you only need a few thousand
  • the maturity is usually around 30 days, only a few are longer
  • higher fees and higher interest rates than a regular bank loan
  • Although the loan can be extended, you have to pay a relatively high fee first
  • there are high fines in default

Frequently asked questions about short-term loans

If I have a guarantor, can I get more money?

You do not need a guarantor for short-term non-bank loans, so even if someone guarantees you, you will not get a higher loan. Similarly, for this type of loan, it is not necessary to pledge assets.

I’m currently out of work, do I have a chance to get the loan?

Certainly yes, short-term loans are also suitable for those who cannot prove their income. All you have to do is fill out a short form and your quick loan can be approved within a few moments.

How long can a short-term loan be extended?

Each company has different terms and conditions, usually a week, 14 days or a month can be extended. However, it is always necessary to pay a fee for extending the maturity.

Is there a prepayment fee for handling a short-term loan?

No, never pay a fee in advance. The only exception is online loans where one-crown verification fee is required to verify that you have your own bank account. Other advance fees may not be required by any reputable provider.

Can I get a short-term loan as a student who has no income?

You, loans are also suitable for students. Just look at the conditions in advance, with some companies having a minimum age of 20 or 21, but most have lent for 18 years.

Is this loan also suitable for those who have records in the debtors’ registers?

Yes, the vast majority of short-term loans are not seen in the registers, so even those who would not get bank loans can easily get them.

Free short-term loans free of charge

At the moment, the new extra fast short-term loan with no fees is clearly the most advantageous. This is already provided by several credit companies, and it is true that you only have to return what you borrowed – not even an extra crown. However, this applies only to new clients (you have to pay the fee for repeated loans) and the loan must be paid in due time.

Negotiating short-term non-bank loans

The vast majority of short-term loans are negotiated exclusively online, without any phone calls or personal meetings. In some cases, you can also apply for a loan via text message. An SMS loan is offered by some companies as an alternative to a classic application, but most of the time this option is only available after registration with a repeated loan application.

Short-term loan risks

  • Bad Choice of Too Disadvantage Credit with High Fees
  • Extending maturity, when you only pay more for fees than you borrow
  • the so-called wedge – borrowing to repay previous debts
  • the risk of flying to various fraudsters (often private individuals, businesses without websites, etc.)