Short-Term Loan or a Loan from Private Banks


Are you looking for a short-term loan or a loan from private to private? Title  loans, the short form of peer-to-peer lending, means nothing more than direct lending without the intervention of banks or other financial service providers.

The procedure is simple. A borrower places his loan request anonymously on the net, presenting himself and the project to be financed. In some cases, the borrower also suggests the interest rate he is willing to pay. Potential donors, also anonymous, can decide if, and if so, how much, they want to participate in the project. In the rarest cases, only one person finances a complete project. Here, however, it can happen that a request expires if there are not enough financial backers.


For Germany, there must also be a minimum credit rating for the local credit platforms.


For Germany, there must also be a minimum credit rating for the local credit platforms.


However, if you do not want to wait that long, Dona Loan offers short -term loans up to $ 600, which have a loan term of 15 days or 30 days (for amounts starting at $ 250) that you can repay with the next salary. They thus prevent a longer-term debt. Try Dona Loan! The application is of course free and non-binding.

A mini loan from Dona Loan offers the ideal bridging option.


Responsible borrowing




It is important that you weigh well whether a small loan fits your current budget. Can you repay the microcredit once you receive your monthly income, and then you have enough money to cover the time until the next time you receive the money? Only then is this choice responsible and thoughtful. You should realize that extra costs will be charged if you do not pay on time.

For example: a credit of 199 € with a term of 30 days and the eff. The annual interest rate of 13.9%. You pay: 199 € loan amount + 2,14 € interest = 201,14 € total.

Dona Loan does not automatically extend your mini-credit. If no payment can be booked on the due date, then you are in default and you will accordingly receive one to several reminders. If you have voluntarily booked an additional service, dunning costs will be charged (9 €, 19 €, 29 €). In the event of a non-payment, additional collection costs may follow.

In no case should mini-credits be counted as an additional, monthly income, but as an advance to your own money retention.