Short-term Loan

Use short-term loans to compensate for temporary grievances as quickly as possible.

There can always be something unforeseen. The car breaks down, the washing machine or the dryer give up the ghost. That would be no problem, if not for the fact that the current account is also hopelessly covered.

It will be another two weeks until the next payday and as long as the repair or new acquisition can not be maintained. And one does not always want to bother friends or relatives with his financial needs. It’s not an issue, then an installment loan can be the alternative.

Theoretically yes, but practically an installment loan with a term of at least twelve months or more is not an option, because the credit check information should remain clean. This is no longer a problem because there are now providers that provide short-term credit. This is a loan that is granted for a maximum of 30 days and can be just right in the situation described.


Borrow money for a short time

Borrow money for a short time

Rentcash has been providing such a bridging loan directly online for some time now. The duration is just 30 days. This segment of short-term credit comes from England. There it is called PayDay Loan. The company mentioned in Germany’s only supplier

Why to spend money for 30 days – it is also different. Yes, but with Rentcash it is possible to simply refinance smaller amounts for a repair or an invoice. Without then having to fulfill an installment loan contract afterward. No bank in Germany grants an installment loan for small amounts with a term of less than one year.


Very easy and uncomplicated intermediate financing


The short-term credit over 30 days is only for smaller amounts, so thought manageable sums that can be paid back just as quickly. Thus, Rentcash closes with its offer a gap existing in Germany. The company works in the background with a bank to provide the money so that there is practically a legitimate range of credit available to consumers.

Rentcash does not lend money of a larger amount, but only a manageable, which can be repaid quickly. Rentcash has adapted optimally to the needs of an uncomplicated intermediate financing option in Germany.

Optionally, customers who wish to use the offer can choose an express transfer to have the money available as soon as possible. The term for the short loan is individually definable and limited to a maximum of 30 days.


Short-term loans are also possible with negative credit check

Short-term loans are also possible with negative credit check

The company has developed a so-called credit check to verify creditworthiness. The credit check information of the applicant is also consulted, but other credit features are also relevant for the decision. If the money is paid back according to agreement, information about it will be sent to the credit check, which may help to improve the rating of the credit check.


To the company Rentcash


Rentcash has positioned itself as the first short-term credit service provider in Germany in the banking industry.

The company wants to help consumers who have to bridge a financial bottleneck if the insurance premium for the car is deducted, an unexpectedly high service charge to pay or similar.

Rentcash lends money in a different way than previously known. Comparable to renting a car or borrowing books, etc. As a pure service provider, Rentcash offers help in the short-term improvement of liquidity and at fair prices.

Unfortunately, the indication of the effective annual interest rate in Germany is mandatory for credit transactions. However, the effective rate is not the appropriate size for under-year loans to compare offers with long-term loans.

Rentcash does not grant loans to over-indebted persons. A corresponding credit rating and orderly financial conditions are the basic prerequisite for being able to receive a short-term loan via Rentcash as a customer.